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Uni, you're right. If everyone had an open mind, the world would be so much better! It's just that different religions think that their way is the only way to Heaven. Well, God created all these people that created all these religions. So, how can someone that loves God and is a wonderful person get into Heaven, but someone that loves Allah and is a wonderful person not get into Heaven?

And, when you said the Bible says that God wants to be put first in worship, that's true. That's what the Bible says. But as a Godian, I put the Creator above that. I think the last thing God cares about is people worshiping the Entity. God is way too cool to be that self-centered. I think that God cares more about those here on Earth being good people, and trying to live lives that would make them worthy of Heaven.

And yes, I'm a wierd chick - but, a Godian!
Luvya Uni!
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