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I have worked women as supervisors for quite and my experience with them has not been the best....I have found them to be immature,jealous, vulgar, petty,deceitful,manipulative,untrustworthy, unprofessional and immoral individuals.... day I was sitting in a designated work area with 3 other of them was male...the two female co-workers were talking abot their husbands...and one of them said that's how I married my husband...gave him good head and proceeded to shake her head from side to side demonstrating the act.....after they left out I said to the male co-worker that's why I don't like to sit back here because they get too nasty and way too personal....I left the area but was right outside the area getting some logs...and I over heard the male co-worker telling the supervisor what I had said about the other 2 co-workers....and her response was (talking about me) she's not thinking about how nasty she was when she got pregnant...she has a she was so ignorant!...instead of saying...well they really shouldn't have that type of conversation in here...or I'm going to have a talk with them....there was another situation in the same place of employment.....

Where some of the supervisor(s) and co-workers who were mostly females were going around spreading vicious rumors about how a well to do single man didn't chose me because I was uppity and celibate and couldn't prove this man chose another co-woker and gave her a large amount of money and she had sex with him...that's right...and how I could have had my "pu**y s**ked and my a**h*le too" by that well to do man... if I wasn't so uppity that was also said by a female supervisor and how I missed out on all that money or how well he took care of the co-worker...and how ther were other female co-worker that were involved with this man also...and how he chose them and the sexual things that and they did with him...unfortunately these things were actually said.....most of these women are educated and licensed including me....these women females also were quite capable of spreading lies and did so without any reservations what so long as women continue to display behavior that is indicative of 15yr old girls ...absent of self respect..and little or no self-esteem....we are going to continue to have problems in the work place.......
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