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I just want to add that it really doesn't matter to me if the gossip about the well-to-do man was true or not....that is not my concern...the man is well known....but I never met him and I wasn't there when these events took place....I only know what was I really don't know if it's true or concern was and is the personal attacks that they made on my character....but when I talked to a lawyer...they basically told me that I couldn't do anything...and that people had a right to say what they want...and that defamation of character had to be proven by me........

Even if for instance.... these women made that whole senario about the well-to-do man up...even though he is single and rich and actually does exist....they could have done it simply to try to get to me because I am celibate and to make me feel inferior...(and I would not put it past them,...and which didn't work)....they don't have the right to say that that man was having sex with them...or paying out money or whatever....if he was not and if by some remote chance it was true...what does that say about them as mothers, wives, girlfriends, grandparents....what can they possibly be teaching their daughters....when they think like that??.....they didn't have the right to assassinate my character whether that story was true or not......
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