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The problem with Iraq and Afghanistan is that we can't just leave. You can't run into a country, depose the government, blow up the infrastructure and then walk away. With Syrian terrorists attacking civilians and hoping to gain power, we need to re-establish a government that will work. While we worry about things like stability, other problems also need to be addressed...basic stuff you and I take for granted. Theip sanitation system doesn't exist...trash piles up in the streets and so does sewage. Saddam had filled in a wetland/stream in part of northern Iraq in order to control the residents, we're trying to reinstate that water so the residents can have their own. Railroad tracks are destroyed, buildings collapsed, schools partially falling apart. We cannot leave it this way.

In Afghanistan, the police force (especially in Kabul) is incredibly broke. Pay for cops is non-existant, so in order to make the job more appealing they stopped doing background checks. Because of this, insurgents with al Qaeda have enlisted in the police force, stole uniforms and body armor, then fled back to the mountains. Like Iraq, they also have falling infrastructure (war-related).

Should we have gone in? Is Bush a war-monger? Aren't we just there for oil? These questions don't matter. The question that matters is, "How can we leave a country we destroyed and pretend nothing happened?"
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