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I use like terms.
Girl to Boy
Male to Female
Woman to Man
Guy to Gal

This is just how I makes the words "even" in my head. I can't say "my male friend" and also say, "my girlfriend" in the same sentence because "male" and "girl" aren't equal terms in my head.

I more often use "male" than "man" anyway and I see "male" and "female" as scientific designations free from connotations. They're "sterile" words, words that don't include societal slants or vulgarity. They are simply definitions. A human can be defined as male or female, but adding in "man" or "woman" seems to carry with it emotions, expectations, and other things I don't care for. Male or female does not, it's just a description of sex (not even gender, just genitalia).
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