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The pain can be lessened with masturbation. To my knowledge, no religion speaks against female masturbation and some religions even encourage it even if they discourage male masturbation.

From your questions, I think you are focusing too much on the pain and forgetting that this is a bond between you and your future husband...sort of like if you have a child, yes it will hurt but you aren't just doing this for the heck of it. The vagina is also stretchy. It accommodates a penis and is made to accommodate an entire other human being (a baby), so certainly it can stretch! Even with some of the pain associated with first-time sex, there still is pleasure associated with it. The biggest problem women have is not relaxing. Like you, they freak out about stuff they've heard and think that it's not okay for a woman to enjoy sex so they clam up and try to think about something else until it's all over. That is not what nature or God intended! Plus, tightening up out of fear makes it's when you relax that all the "feel good" nerves down there really get to do their job.
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