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We should fix our country as well, I'm not saying that we shouldn't. What I am saying is that we cannot run into a country, blow it to hell, and then walk away. I think that bringing up Japan is irrelevant here because we're talking about Afghanistan and Iraq...which are two very different situations than Japan attacking us and we retaliate. But if you want to bring up Japan:
-we removed their ability to start a war again, making it unconstitutional
-we removed the military power from their leader, making him a symbol instead
-all the territory Japan acquired after 1894 was taken away and given back to the people or to the allies. We actually still have a duty station in Okinawa, which we used to own (gave it back to the Japanese in the 1970's)
-we executed hundreds of military officers after they were tried for war crimes
-we forced Japan to adopt human rights
-land ownership was removed
-we used them for our anti-communist goals, stationing more troops in Japan, posting anti-communist propaganda, and even trying to create a military force that we had said was unconstitutional

In other words, we didn't just hand them money. We took their land, land they had acquired long before WWII, re-wrote their constitution, stripped them of military power, took part of their country for a military duty station and even tried to use them in the Cold War. Japan became an arm of the United States, not just a new, free Japan.
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