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Originally Posted by Elusive Unicorn View Post
Sigh anyway you look at it getting out will not be as easy as going in. Clean up is always a b****. Just ask a maid. Sorry if I offend you in any way. I do like to debate sometimes I get carried away. If we did all that to them I do not even want to think what they would have done to us if we had lost. It is likily that we will not be out of Afghanistan for years.So we sould just suport our troops and pray they come home safe. Hopefuly when we do get out it will be a better country.
I wasn't offended at all Please bear in mind that I do not like war. I do not like the fact that we spend billions of dollars on other countries when we need help in our own. Don't get me wrong, I do not believe we should hold the hands of other countries. I do, however, believe that we should clean up what we ruined.

Originally Posted by Jennifer23 View Post
All I'm going to say is that it's time for us to back off, and let other countries determine their own destinies. Just look at all the people we wanted to put in power, and how it's turned out. Let other people work it out without us meddling . It's their country, not ours.
It is their country, but when you're struggling to stay healthy because there's shit and piss in the street, contaminants in your water and food is scarce, it's pretty hard to think about making a proper government or protecting yourself from invaders.

Imagine if I destroyed your home...I came into your town and obliterated everything within a 500 mile radius. Your water is contaminated with dirt, sulfur and dead bodies. There's so much death you have no idea what to do with it. You can't find a steady source of food, you have no place to put your trash, your urine, your feces, you have a crumbling home (if you have one at all). Perhaps one or more people in your family have died, and the blasts may have left you without a limb.
Now imagine I say, "Well, this isn't my problem to rebuild. This is YOUR town, you guys figure it out."
With what resources? With what sanity? With what time? Your day is spent surviving, not attempting to rebuild a torn government.

It really feels like I'm the only person replying who says we have to fix the country because we destroyed the country, but everyone else thinks we just need to leave. Can you ladies tell me what you think is going on over there that it's stable and healthy enough for us to walk away?
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