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Hi Tiffin....I wish you much sounds so exciting!....I love to bake 09' for christmas gifts to my family...I baked pound cakes....and gave them away to everyone....but I found that because I'm in the mid-west and it's cold in the cakes fall or run out of the pan when the temp is below that puts a damper on baking in the winter for me.....last Thanks Giving I baked a oreo cheese turned out well....and for Christmas I baked a golden oreo cheese cake....but I'm still experimenting with how to get it really soft and creamy......I want to to learn how to bake bread and biscuits from scratch.....I also enjoy watching the cooking shows on PBS (create).....the have some great reciepes for everytning.....I have decided to try a new meal and a new dessert every and baking is part of my fun time and I find it relaxing...I just baked a 7-up pound cake early this morning....I love to bake at early am 1a-4a...when it's quiet.......
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