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just my opinion .....

Well, I normally wouldn't respond to a private subject like this ......

Not being married or ones religion hasn't got anything to do with it all unknown-ml! I'm a Catholic and in a relationship for over 20 years. Two daughter, 15 & 3 ...... and I think our dear Lord or whatever it is up there didn't give this to me for nothing! If one loves the other a small piece of paper doesn't make you a better or worse christian or whatever. One commits to their significant (?) other and if one does with all their heart and soul marriage isn't neccasary to convince the BIG GUY your a great person. Sex should always be shared with a person you love and sometimes it last for over 20 years and sometimes not even more then a year ..... but always feal love in your heart when you do have it!!! But having physical pain when one does have it isn't good ... go and see a doctor!

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