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Thank you Ladies....just knowing there is someone listening, understanding, and supportive, lightens the heart.
I have thought about where to start and it was mind boggling, so instead i'll try not to ramble and write about what i am feeling/thinking during the time i am here.
My abuse has been more verbal than physical, (no wonder it was so hard to identify in the begining).
The first time i can remember is a year after we were living together he SPIT on me (i was so appauled i left him) and then he came to my Mothers home and beat me. Of course family and friends were upset with him, but a couple of months later i got back with him. He had wooed me back and some family/friends (silver tongued fox). That was the begining of the end as i look back only got worse, with cycle after cycle. Back then when the authorities were called i would be told to "go back inside and be a good wifey" or even tho i would be bruised and bloody "we (police) didn't see it happening" AND when i did have a protection order in place, they would just ask him to leave. This brings to mind a time when he had busted every window in my car with a shovel, with me and my cousin and her 3 children in it! By the time the police arrived he was gone (of course) and i was told by the police to move my car off the street or they would impound it, and they took no report (took notes but no report) said there were no 'witnesses'.....dear lord, there were CHILDREN screaming and crying. Come to find out later, these two officers were friendly with my husband.
I need to close for now.......thank you for listening

p.s. your story posted?
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