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"God" is in us...IS us...everyone of us...

Hello sisters. My name is Kelly, and I just joined this afternoon. The very first thing I did was seek out a group like this, as I'm interested in knowing where "God" is spending time lately. For me, I am God. You are God. We are God. God is not a male deity who lives somewhere up in the sky in a place called heaven. "God" is the word used to label the energy that we are created of, and exist as. God dwells in us, as love, as power, as forgiveness, as creation...God is not an entity that will judge us...we will judge ourselves. And those who do evil, will judge themselves as evil...those who do good, will judge themselves as good, those who do evil but think they are good will forgive themselves and judge themselves as good, those who think they are good but do evil will forgive themselves and judge themselves as good.....the key to this is realizing that if we knew better, we would do better. One may know right from wrong, but not the route to take to bridge the gap of doing wright or wrong...and as for Jesus, first "for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son..." poo poo. God didn't "give", Jesus volunteered. And Jesus never was able to share with everyone everything he knew, perhaps with Mary, which is why she was so despised by the rest of his disciples...and Jesus says He is the way, and He is...He knew the secret of the energy he contained, he knew we are all God, he definitely had the ability to think with more than just 5% of his brain, hence the ability to resurrect himself...All of this is pure conjecture, however, and I'm sure I will weave back and forth on my journey to claiming a belief system, but the point is, I'm searching, you're searching, or we wouldn't be here, and if what the law of attraction says is correct, the Truth will find us and set us free. Namaste <3
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