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Hi and thx Nana..
the adresses u named r purely theorical and political 1..believe me i live here and i know what i m talking the best case they can give u some juridic advices or help u 2 have a minor work ..such organisations have no real power coz siciety is more powerfull..what 2 say u can't even believe how we live unless u live here 4 a while and u ll understand that we r the silent part of life ( our talk ,our vestements even the colour we wair have 2 be discret..)dont want 2 talk more about this frustrate me more..
immigration u said it's not so easier than u say ..since i was in the university i trayed green card..most of european universities and the last was the canadien immigration but it cost 2 much 4 me ,have nothing 2 sell,jowerly,car or any thing coz i belong 2 a working class and what i earn from my work i help it at home and dont 4get what we earn here it so little u know that the price of a good mobile is more than what i earn in a month lollllllllllll ..want 2 change all this or at least found an open minded person here and have my own family far 4 every 1 even my family ,rise my children differently..learn 2 the boy 2 respect and love girl and 2 my girl 2 not be afraid of any thing and ll support here..even this i ccan't have it dou know why..coz educate and strong women r not a good combination here ,no tong,no opinion it's the divice 2 be a good women ..hate this and cant live more of all this no sence..sorry talking so God we believe and from God i'm waiting help..
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