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I understand what you said. However think on this, ok? There are those who are born again per se. THis is their way of reconnecting but not thru the way that put them off of what they had before. Many people get disillusioned over time with their religion or what they were taught growing up. Hence they look for what is right for them. We may not like it but understanding goes a long way. What works for some but not for all is what its all about. I have many cultures and religions that I have learned. With each one I have taken a bit of it to use in my own life as I believe is good. However it may not be so for anyone else. Hence, we strive to make our lives and etc better. Sort of like a diamond in the rough. It starts out as a piece of coal but over time it becomes a diamond smooth and polished. But the journey to get it there is what made it so. THat is the lesson I use for myself. Each person and situation we deal with in life can be good or bad but its what we do after that makes us into what we become. Sometimes its not good but othertimes it is. Thus we make mistakes but tis what we do after that makes the mistake worthwhile. For that alone can empower all of us. When I was a child I would cry buckets of tears. Then as I got older I would get mad and angry. Yet now reason and understanding helps me think things thru first. Thus whatever decision I do make is based on that. I hope not to offend but to share my own thoughts on this subject. Remember Life is a journey but the path we take is what can make it worthwhile as well as what we learn along the way. Hugs to all!
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