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Hi, this is my first time here. I am single, never married, and still a virgin, im 45. I am not in nor have i ever been in a relationship. i may some day (which i doubt), and get married which requires sex. i am not looking forward to that, in fact im dreading it. now, my question is this: what was your first time like? how did you deal with the pain? what did you think about before, during and after? since it hurt, why did you do it again? my religious beliefs are keeping me from having sex till marriage. thank you for your time.

hi in my expereance it did not the man i was with was very gentle so just went very slow and it did not hert at all
dont think all girls have pain as long as the man you are with is slow and gentle with you there should be very little if any
good luck and i know religious beliefs are good but dont let them rule your life if you like the man and it feels right then dont let them rule you and stop you .
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