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I'm happy to see all of the flying dreams.
Those are my favorite dreams. I don't necessarily need a commode, I just use my arms and glide.

One recurring dream I have is of a good friend of mine that died about 10 years ago. At first, in the dream she appeared and I said to her "I knew you weren't dead" and I would stand in disbelief. Upon awakening, I would be very upset. Now when I have the dream it is as if she is here visiting me and I hug her and can feel her hair touch my palm as I wrap my arms around her (the last time I saw her, in real life I had hugged her at the airport) We laugh and have fun. When I awake, I am very happy, but at the same time acutely sad. I have not lost many (thank God) close persons in my life and was wondering if this is a common thing.

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