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Hi unknown, it is amazing how easily it is to talk ourselves in and out of things. The mind is a very powerful tool and only we can control what and how we think. We all have had bad experiences and some more than others and so it is from those experiences that we learn that maybe, just maybe those negative forces in our lives didn't deserve to be there! Please don't allow another person's weaknesses decide who you are or what you deserve to have in life. Oprah says "when you wake up in the morning look in the mirror

and say good morning gorgeous!" Positive affirmations, put them all over your house...on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror,on the ceiling if you have to! lol There is something beautiful inside all of us...find what it is about you. Make some changes to enhance your qualities. We all need to do that for ourselves. I know when I buy a new lipstick, or a blouse, etc. It is lift to the spirit. Sorry, don't mean to lecture on and on, but it's not fair to yourself to not open up the possibilities and find your own personal strengths. How about it? Willing to give it a try? You are here and people are concerned for you who don't even know you. That in itself is telling you that you are worth something! have a wonderful day...that's an order!
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