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Hi Gris Sky.

I know what you're going through. I have lived in a middle eastern country for a long time. I am an australian, but married and came here. I hate it, and am currently planning to go back for good. At least I have a way out.

Only yesterday, a relative of mine was telling me how depressed she was. She is single, educated and 48. Unfortunately, she has not been able to find work, after leaving her old job. They closed down. She lives at home because she has no money, and is continuously being abused by all, male and female of the house. She wants out, but has nowhere to go. She is very depressed and I don't know what to do for her. She said if she had income, she would at least live on her own. Not even the government here helps. We live each day as it comes.

I stuck it through for the sake of my children, but the 'pot has overflowed' and I've had enough. It was bad enough that I married someone I didn't love, but to also survive a place with different attitude and ideals was worse. I have shut up and put up, but at least I have a way out.

I wish you luck, but I know it will be hard. In the meantime keep yourself busy, and keep contact with WOW. When I read other peoples's problems, I almost forget mine. It's good to have friends who listen and understand.
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