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Hi Sistergirl,

I am living in Lebanon. It is more cosmopolitan than what you saw in the film. That was so hard, but so, so true.

I hate it here because I am living in the country, and there attitude to things is totally different to the city life. They think they know everything, and I decided long ago, not to give my opinion, because it's never heard. I always ended up arguing, so I thought it was best to shut up and put up. Unfortunately, my depression just got worse.

Maybe, under other circumstances (I don't know whether you read my story), my life would be different. Also, financially we are hardly able to survive. I know if you're with someone you love, nothing matters, but unfortunately, I don't or ever have loved my husband. I stayed for the children. They have all grown, and I think it's time for me to go HOME. I am being patient, and just praying that things work out the way I want. At least I have my kids on my side. Also, my sisters in Australia are helping me, financially and emotionally. I hate all this lying, but have no choice. Hopefully in the next year I will be writing from Sydney.
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