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Thank you Sistergirl, I went to your link and submited form just waiting for approval...looks real interesting, thank you again for the invite.

And a update: I am currently seeing a counselor (found one I feel hears me-actually listens). The ticker? I haven't mentioned the abuse yet my private hell, I am scared, but I have a feeling she can see into what I am saying, and she is being gentle (maybe building my trust in her.) The stress level is so high, not to mention the depression can be so low, and she is calming. Also working on a plan to leave....safely. I do understand the danger and just want to cry. If I wasn't living this nightmare it would be hard to believe (not that I wouldn't), you know-thinking it only happens in books or movies....
If anyone would care to share their escape, plans, ideas, anything at all.....
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