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Ok here is an idea... get all your important papers together and put them somewhere safe where he cant get them. Make sure to seal them in a zip lock bag to keep them protected from water. Next, pack a back pack with clothing and essential items you need daily. Stash that again where he cant find it. If you have any friends one who you trust highly, ask said friend to come there as a safe house if things get too hot at home to handle. Next start saving some money if you can. This way you will have some cash on you. If you can set up a bank account in your name only where he cant have access to it. Then go thru your house and make a list of things that are yours and has sentimental value to you. Slowly start packing them away and put that where he cant get it. When things come together, just walk out the door without looking back. Also any reports and etc you have had against him in the past, get copies. Even the hospital records showing the damage done to you if you have them. Put these with your important papers. I hope this helps! For I was going thru hell recently in the last few years after being with my husband for 15 years. This was my plan. Still in place and right now working on getting my education towards a job so I can support myself. Hugs!
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