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Touchy subject :(

So, as most of you know Caleb my son who will be 18 soon and David my husband are just step dad and son for the past 17 years..

Well an issue came up yesterday that I don't know how to handle.. So where else does one go...? To WOW of course...

Caleb's biological father had a daughter 2 years after I had Caleb..
Well I never knew of her until yesterday thanks to facebook... (mumble)
She wants to get to know Caleb, says she has heard about him from her mom over the years and has always wondered about him, what he was like ect...

My problem is, do I re-enter that part of Caleb's life when he is doing so well without it. And risk causing problems with him? Or do I talk to him about her and tell him his "donor" did the same thing to her? And that she wants to meet him and talk with him..

I don't know what to do.. It is a very touchy thing..
Any advice is welcome.. PLEASE gimmie advice LOL as I am dumbfounded here...

Love and Hugs
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