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Hope it comes true, Terri!

Okay, I posted this dream on Sunday, in my WOW folder, but here it is for those of you inclined to interpret...

Rick and Drew and I were driving along, in the Third Ward (for those who don't know Milwaukee, it's an area downtown where there are a lot of warehouses and lofts and fruit and vegetable markets). There was a young guy on a scooter (like a Vespa, not one of those foot scooters...LOL) next to us who kept yelling things. Eventually we came to a red light and Rick rolled down the window and yelled something back. Then, we turned right to get away from him. We went one block, then turned left, then left again to get back on the main road. The guy on the scooter was coming toward us, so we pulled over. Next to us were two guys who were on break from a nearby factory. I looked at the scooter guy and yelled, "What the hell is wrong with you?" The scooter guy was delivering these guys magazines to read on their break...he said to one of the guys, in this really slow voice, 'didn't you want one about cars?' or something like that. I realized he had some kind of developmental problem, and then felt bad for yelling at him.

Somehow we ended up in this house where the scooter guy lived. It was a huge house with a ton of rooms, and people everywhere. Scooter guy disappeared and we started walking around the house and listening in on different conversations. Gail was with us all of a sudden (I love when people just pop in unannounced in my dreams ;-) and Drew said he was hungry. Someone came over with a little pizza kit and told him he could make himself a pizza. Drew was thrilled, and I was a little bothered by how excited he was and how impressed he was with these people because I didn't trust them. Gail and I commented on how perfect everything was, until we opened the broiler and there was a dirty pan from macaroni and cheese in there. Gail said, "Oh, they're not that perfect."

As we made our way around the house, everything seemed to be staged to impress us. Nobody seemed unhappy, but there was a weird undercurrent, like it was a cult of some kind. Groups of three or four guys here and there were having discussions about how badly women were treated in society, and how they should revolt against the patriarchy. I knew it was staged, though. Out in the yard, these two little Japanese girls were playing with this contraption that was like a slingshot connected to a horizontal bar, and they were shooting things high into the sky. Drew was intrigued.

Someone took Drew into a little candy store that was set up in the house, and let him pick whatever he wanted. He came over to me with M&Ms and a little set of Pokemon punch-out finger-puppets. I was mad because I knew that they were just coming up with things that Drew would love, and then wouldn't want to leave. In the meantime, Rick had disappeared and we couldn't leave until we found him. Scooter guy had gone to sleep in a room and I figured while he was asleep, we could sneak out.

(to be continued next post)
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