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Part Two ...

At some point in the dream, Rick's mom showed up with a big dish of something for dinner, and she was wearing a long blue evening gown. All the other women were commenting on how beautiful she looked, but I thought it was inappropriate dress for just coming for a visit.

People were all lining up along opposite sides of the table, and I suddenly recognized a woman I used to work with a few years back. She came over and gave me a big hug and started whispering in my ear how happy she was here and how she wasn't going to leave. "Why would you want to?" she said as she backed away from me. I turned to Gail and said, "I used to work with Tani for years." Gail seemed relieved, but then I explained that the woman was not herself (she was 81 in the dream...not sure if that's important).

We decided we were going to look for Rick and leave. So I went from room to room trying to find where he had laid down. In one room, I thought I had found him, and I was talking to this guy, trying to wake him up. He sat up, facing away from me, and it sort of looked like Rick, but not quite. He stood up and started walking down the hall, and I was following him. I said, "Are you Rick? Because I don't want to be following a stranger..." The guy turned around, and it wasn't Rick, and he said, "So, am I a stranger?"

He said he would take me to where Rick was. We kept walking up and down these halls, up staircases...eventually, I just figured I would wake up. Which I did, and Rick was sleeping and snoring, and I was relieved to hear it! LOL

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