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seet down un de couch I vill tuie to eggschblain

Alright, since you insist.
I have to start with a disclaimer and say that I stayed with the main themes. Your dream had Sooooo much going on in it. Personally, I think this is reflective of high intelligence or high anxiety.
Sticking with the classic dream interpretations I am going to say that you were resolving inner conflicts.
The "3rd Ward" sees to be representative of your life as a whole (full of markets) the turns that you take in the car are the paths that you have chosen. The guy on the scooter may be guilt/unresolved guilt that is with you wherever you turn. When you follow him home you are trying to understand him and find this cult-like atmosphere you appear to associate this with false personalities. I think this may represent throwing out the guilt and realizing that your first impression (about scooter-boy)was correct and that you wish to re-adopt these feelings and are angry that you were forced to feel that guilt. The food may represent hunger (real or referred) in that you may seek something in your life to fill you (ie relationship of any kind). This Drew person and y our reaction to their enthrallment with the others may indicate your fear of loosing this person or loosing out on being Drews priority. I suspect you are searching for Rick because you are wanting to get to know this person better or want to get to know some emotion that he is representing.

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