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We have no problem with links back to WOW, but do make sure it's ok with the site where you leave it.

We used to have a link exchange program, but the spam got to the point where it wasn't worth the human energy required to maintain it. We were getting literally thousands of link requests a week, and only about 1% of the links were genuine. The other 99% were from people with commercial and financial interests, just trying to exploit our demographic. Now we have to have software and filters running that tracks the links posted on the boards, and strips them if they match known spamming sites, all in an effort to keep WOW free from advertising.

That's probably more of a rant than you wanted, but having certain people continually use this site as a means to recruit guests to other forums or to sell crap is really annoying me today. So, be sure if you leave a link somewhere, it would be welcomed by the publishers on that site, and not annoy them.
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