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Wow, Daccie, talk about a confusing mess! And yeah, I hear that grumble about FB...I think most of us have been there.

You've gotten some sound advice here. If you do decide to let Caleb and his half-sister talk or write, maybe a cheapo pre-paid cellphone, and don't keep a whole lot of airtime on it and have him use that until it can be ascertained that it's safe to keep the contact going...Also, a P.O. box might not be a bad idea...except, of course, that that might be used to trace back to where you guys live. I know it almost sounds borderline paranoid (or not), but it all comes back to everyone's comfort level here. Also, you might not know how much contact anyone has with dear ol' dad...and if he's that sketchy, you have to keep that in mind, when dealing w/the comfort or safety level.

I'm sorry if this sounds like a downer, but really, you do have to keep eveyone's safety and feelings in mind. It could be that the girl is really just wanting to meet her big brother...
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