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unknown-ml you're welcome. You sound so depressed. Please talk to someone who will listen to you & perhaps be able to help you face things in your life. You say you're 47, could you be going though "the change". I found that vitamin B12 + helped with the mood swings & depression. Please talk to someone you feel close too. Talking things though does help. It helps put things in order better for you.
As far as dating better to get your emotions in order first, then you'll be ready to take that step with a positive look. Here is a true story a friend of my older sister got married for the 1st time at 60 yrs of age. They just celebrated their 12th aniversary. So things that are good happen at any age. You have to try & look at the positive.
Try vit B12+
Hang in there & know we are here.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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