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I have attached the following quote because I was watching a HBO Special about sex. It said that people with an active sex life on average make less money than those who don't which is interesting. I know for me personally, sex can be a tension or stress reliever and it can also be an activity I prefer than other dull ones. I believe you can be more focused, you are driving that energy that you are releasing into working, getting a task done and etc. I can see how it would work out where you are more creative, a better balance and etc.

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ok, i guess i just have to respond to this post. i have practiced varying periods of celibacy in my life (both chosen & enforced). the last time just ended recently. up until this week, i had gone 18 months w/out having sex. this was in correlation w/my desire to gain some sanity in my life. for myself, sexual relationships often seem to be accompanied by a certain degree of craziness that invades the rest of my life. i know that i accomplish more intellectually/creatively when i am celibate. i have also managed to deepen my emotional connections w/everyone in my life lately. part of that is due to my increased focus on ppl's souls & not their bodies. b/c of this, my love life has improved - i'm a firm believer in the idea that true love comes from conversation not sex.
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