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[quote=Jennifer23;63789]Unknown, I think there may be a reason for everything that happens to us. Native Americans always considered the retarded children within their tribes as God's special people, and treated them that way. They were way ahead of us as far as caring goes. I know that my last comment doesn't apply to you, but life is fleeting, so try to make the best of it while you're here because once you get to the Hereafter, you could be special, too. Like me, I hope.[/QUOTE/]

Unknown ml If you reread the quote above from Jennifer it should help put things into a better prespective for you. The Down Syndrom child will give love unconditionally.. A lot of Special Ed kids are the same way.

You need to try & look past the rejection. ( we have all had rejections in our lives, many times over.) Start anew. Keep the friends you have, be there, be positive. When you're positive you get positive feedback. .. Are you keeping a journal? I can't stress enough how much that would help. Put a positive thought in it each day. .. Ex " What a nice day the sun was shining, & I was able to go for a walk. " Take the time to see little miracles in your life. the flowers the trees.. Always told my kids when the wind is blowing the leaves on the tree are waving hello, the birds singing are singing for you to have a nice day. Take small steps but positive steps. Keep positive people around you. Don't let those that reject you win. You win this battle one step, one day, one moment at a time. Baby steps. Keep jouraling.
Have a day with some positive thoughts in it, it will help boost your confidence in life. Good luck to you. Here's a hug to help you in the right direction. (((((((( Unknown-ml )))))))) Here's one for anyone else that wants it. ((((((((( hug))))))))) .
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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