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Excuse me unknown-ml #1 you don't know me. Have no clue as to what I've been though. Like Sistergirl I had to work though a lot of adversity in my life. It was a decision that took time & effort to do.. had to be done. Because of the changes that I worked out in my life.. My life is better. Again you havent' a clue. I'd hand you one but you'd refuse it & blame me. Anyway positive thoughts that are real work. Smiles that are at first shy but become easier in time WORK. YOu have to WORK at getting rid of the "Woe is me" attitude. Only you can do it. A lot of us had to overcome things in our lives as Sistergirl said. Journal see if it helps. Guarantee that if you work at it, you will overcome it with time... and feel better, be better because of the changes. Once again good luck.

We are not dr's of any sort. We don't even play one on TV or in here. Who we are are women who have lived our lives. Made changes where they were need to be made. We are willing to listen, but God helps those who also help themselves. Footsteps to take them you have to pick up your feet & move them... can't do that for you. Only you can.

Thank you Sistegirl & Jennifer You're kind , & thoughtful and for the record appreciated for your helpful ways.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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