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Hello Lady bug, I just wanted to tell you I read your post and to tell you that God created you special Nothing God created was ugly or a waste You are Beautiful, Valuable, and worth more than your weight in Gold of fine jewels!! And just because the looser men around you have not figured that out yet doesn't mean you're never going to find someone who will love you and treat you like the Queen you are! Never talk bad about yourself EVER!!! You are beautiful you have to learn to LOVE U first before anyone else can a lesson I had to learn also and I'm still working on it also and no its not easy to do when you've been single for so long like I have I'm 31 and single not even so much of a date in OMG too long I'd say!!!! U hang in there and remember U are beautiful and there is noone who can change that!!! When ever u wanna talk just let me know I've been through a lot and can help ya if you want!!
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