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Mary and Julie
I am in a very similar situation. After 31 years of marriage, children grown and we reached a stage where our responsibilities are less, my husband decided he was ready for a more exciting life with a much younger woman. I am devastated. We had a good marriage for years, (I thought we did). I have moved out of the home I was in for 25 years and I am now in a small apartment, facing a divorce. I am 52 and know that I will not be ready for a new relationship until I spend time getting to know myself. i have been with the same man for 31 years and realize I have lived life on his terms and have forgotten the woman I am. The pain is immense and I cry and cry. It is hard to stay focused at my challenging job yet I kinow I am going to come out the other side with more happiness and strength.
I send you positive thoughts and best wishes. Know that you are not alone and others care about you. This website has turned out to be a very good thing for me to find. 'Everyone is so kind and when I read the posts, I can feel the love and concern for each other.
thank you for sharing your story so that I could find the courage to share mine
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