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Hi there... I am new to this site but i felt compelled to respond...your story is similar to mine and many others... you are not alone...I was certain after my daughter was born that I was still postpartum and had an untreated depression....I in fact was depressed because I was mourning what i knew would be life as i knew it with my will learn as time goes on that your feeliongs are normal and how to deal witht them.. I reccommend a supportive gay friendly therapist who can give you support and assist with any feelings of guilt.... best of luck... i am three years out from coming out.. my daughter is five.. and it most certainly gets better.....

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I have been married for three and two years ago I found out that I attracted to females. This is a very hard thing for me because I do love my husband and I attracted to him. I just had a baby and throughout my pregnancy I didn't have any sexual feelings for my husband and i know that happens some time. My baby is now almost 5 months but I still don't have any desire to have sex with him. Months could if I wanted to and I wouldn't miss sex with him. I am gay I am sure I always thought of myself if anything a bi-sexual but gay? I don't know please help sought this out.
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