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Finding a gay friendly therpaist is primary at this time if you are going to pursue this is unfair that many of us have felt frightened enough to suppress these natural feelings for many can be daunting...however if same sex attraction and connection were widely accepted ...there would be little reason to marry or partner with the incorrect sex...auhenticity is freedom...

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I guess I have always known I am a lesbian but never wanted to come out to my mother whom I thought would be upset with me. I ended up having kids at a young age I think to prove to myself and others that I was straight. I am now married and have recently told my husband my attraction towards other women. He says that it's ok as long as I tell him when I leave and where I'm going. I am trying to find a therapist in my community but have had no luck. I'm hoping to meet other women who are going thru this situation because I feel very confused. Any advice/support is greatly appreciated
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