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Same here

I can't get too much into detail about this whole story....but I have been married for 13 yrs, off and on in this married relationship tho, I have left my husband twice so far, the last time I left, he filed for divorce, but, before it actually was finalized, I decided to come back for the sake of our 2 kids. During our seperation, I had the kids and then one day, he went up to my sisters, where I was staying, and took my kids without me knowing, and when I got home, they weren't there! I was outraged! He said I couldn't have them back and he filed for full custody of them, and he also took me for child support and I had to pay for child support for the next 6 months that I was seperated from him. Well, now that I came back, I really never had those feelings again, due to only coming back for my kids, because I missed them so much and I was lost without them! But I am not happy with him, and I don't want to hurt my kids. Is it wrong to want to leave because I don't want to be with him and only be here so the kids have us together as they grow up? Also when we were seperated we were both with different partners, he dated and I dated a few also, but he said he'd call it even being that we were getting back together, we should just forget about ever doing that.
In the last few months, I have met this gentleman, he compliments me all the time on how beautiful I am and my husband never did that, he always said he wasn't the romantic type, and I am all about romance, is that why I am looking for the romance somewhere else? I really want to be with this guy, I have true romantic, and loving feeling for him. The only thing is if I leave my husband now, I am afraid he will do the same thing and take the kids, and this guy lives in another country, and I would have to move there, and I wouldn't get to see my kids if I move there. My current husband now says that if I ever leave him again, I wouldn't have to worry about it, cause he'll put a bullet in my head. What should I do about my situation?
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