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Sounds like my story too. Is there an epidemic affecting men atm. After 25 years of happy marriage, I suddenly discover he has an affair starting. Despite 6 months of tears, begging, threatening, doing everything i can think of to make him even try to stop to see if we can continue the marriage, he is in up to his eyeballs. I totally empathise with anyone in the same situation. It is the most harrowing, painful and destroying thing that can happen to a person and i don't think the betraying spouse has any idea of how bad it affects the other person. However, i have now found out just how bad my husband has been, the things he has said, his disrespect for me and it has made me dislike him so much, I actually feel better! I can see i will be better off without him and i pray you will soon get to this stage as it make everything so much easier.
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