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Unhappy Im almost married but I Love someone else ;(

Ive been with my fiance for 3 years..I love him but as soon as we moved in together things took a turn for the worst. He breaks things when hes upset he tells me hurtful things etc etc. I always know I deserve better but I cant see myself leaving. I really dont have a family that will help me. Recently Some in which I was inlove with contacted me via Facebook. This man told me he'd made a mistake and he wishes he could turn back time. I instantly felt a sorrow in my heart and started to cry. I know we could never be together because My fiance and the other man share mutual friends although my fiance never knew of me dating him vice versa. I didnt accept his request on FB & he is not aware Im engaged . I know my feelings are still there but I just am so afraid of the outcome of me even answering the old flame back...Keep in mind me a my fiance met and he told me he loved me within a month of us dating and our relationship was very rushed & I feel as if now Everything is starting to sink in.. Maybe we should of gotten to know eachother more & I wouldve realized He wasnt for me ...I need someone to understand my little dilemma lol
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