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Thank you everyone!! you put tears in my eyes!.. Little by little Im making plans to leave. I just dont want to cause a big scene and I dont want to get hurt. I just want to leave as peaceful as I came into the relationship. Yesterday we got into a huge fight and he involved his Mother!!! I was so freaking upset I hate the fact that Im surrounded by his family and when we fight I feel so alone. Im starting saving a little of my weekly pay check without anyone knowing that im planning to leave. EVERYONE sees us as this amazing couple & if they only knew what I go through. Im definitely not an Angel and I can admit that I do get bossy sometimes and can be annoying lol, but it does not give him a reason to hurt me & say Im worthless etc. Im so thankful I can vent to everyone ! Im truly blessed. The only thing I do sometimes to help is go inside the bathroom and look at old pictures of my mom rip. I will keep everyone posted xo
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