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Tis a choice...what you will allow others to do to you thus you accept whatever they do and etc to you. However if it becomes like a poison to yourself, then tis time to take it away and put limits on it. You choose what will affect yourself and thus your life. Hence you have control over it. Personally I do this to many some who dont have a clue to this. Thus they are not able to hurt me anymore. Which in turn allows me to move forward onto other things for myself. If they are blessed to be a part of that inner circle they will rejoice and thus be blessed as well. If they arent well tis on them. Twas their choices and thusly helped me make my own. Those like IRISH on here always wants the best for us. Even if she has to smack ya a bit on the noggin to get your attention. She does it with love understanding and wanting the best for you. Hope this helps! ((((IRISH))) Thank you
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