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My husband is really going upstream without a paddle in a quick way. He had said things would go back to where they were or a semblance thereof back in May. He did seem to be doing that. However, since that femail is man-less due to her own stupidity and etc, my husband is right back there up her butt. I mean come on, I did tell him that if he didnt keep his word, he'd find out what I meant by me walking out and leaving him in the dust. I am tired of being married without the pluses of that. I.e. a helper in the house, someone to cuddle with, share my day with, and have fun (wink wink). I aint getting that. So I was thinking yesterday while driving about things. Main thought, "What am I needed for from him? and What the he** am I not good enough anymore." Needless to say in short order, that my thoughts were about suicide. Then I thought of ways to do so. However, they were just thoughts. For if I live and do what I must for now til things are done and changed, he will live to see what I mean. Unfortunately its going to be him that will be the one left behind. I cant keep on waiting day by day hour by hour waiting for him to have time for me. So yes I know what to do, what the game plan is, and keep focused on it. I wished I had someone to hold me and love me, but that isnt in the cards. So when I do go, I am not going to someone else. I am going to be standing on my feet and moving forward. If you want to leave a message do so. Just no bashing ok? Thanks Hugs Have a great day!
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