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Originally Posted by Jennifer23 View Post
Irish, I posted before reading about the kids. My thoughts are with you and them. Take care.
Thank you very much Jennifer23. (((((((((( Jennifer23))))))))))) Much appreciated.

The kids have been fantastic though all the testing and poking & all that goes with getting results from them. When you know what's going on & you have answers, then you can face things a lot differently than not knowing.
They both are great about taking their meds. They know by taking them it's keeps things in check.

Repeating myself but this I must :

I am so very blessed> My kids are my heart, my husband the beat of my heart, my grandkids the extension of all our love. Wish everyone true love of family, & friends.

((((((((( an endless bucket of hugs )))))))))).
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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