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So much damage was done. Some lives lost, homes washed away.. My heart goes out to all that were affected by the storm. I hear/ see postings of people complaining that there was to much hype.. I don't think that they was to much hype. I watched a lot of it on CNN.. saw the damage all across the Eastern Seaboard. Saw the damage from Flash Flooding.. homes falling apart & being washed away.

Holy cow they even showed a business that was uprooted & moved down the road 2 blocks away.
Look at all those who will be without electricity for 2 weeks or more.

If it didn't affect you then count yourself blessed. If it did then I hope you get help and recover from it.

/me .. Goes off singing " Goodnight Irene goodnight Irene" ... Hope I don't see you in my dreams ....

Last night they showed a family .. father and 2 young kids they went out Jet Skiing.. lost control and almost lost their lives. The Jet Ski went over the water falls. Luckily they got scooped up. The father was in tears horrified when he realized how foolish it was for him to take them out in the rough waters from Irene. Sometimes I wonder why people think with their butts rater than with their brains. No sense at all. ... Am so glad they are are safe. Some weren't as lucky...
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