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For every line or crease you get, think about how or what made it. Laugh lines tells others of the many times you found something to laugh. Grey hairs tells of you experience thru the roughest times in your life. Depending on how you take care of yourself is how your skin and body reflect. Yet if you ignored yourself, look at the reasons why. Mine would be my children! You can count how many times you take a breath or how many times a moment took your breath away. Which is worth more? I say all of it for it shows you are strong, balanced and willing to worry about other things instead of your looks. This doesnt mean to not get yourself in balance. To take time out for yourself. Be it by the lotion you put on after a shower. Or working out or simply walking a longer distance from your car to the store doors. I dont regret the things that have made me the way I am. Just work on what I can, accept what wont change i.e. diabetes, and do the best with what I have or blessed with. Hope this helps as it was meant too. Hugs
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