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Originally Posted by Wolf_angel View Post
Satisfaction who are talking too? Since I have replied to this post on several occasions, I am wondering who you are talking too. The only person has the only solution to this is the one involved. Their choices is what is going to make the difference. Hence I have no clue as to whether or not you are involved for that matter, or want to step in maybe where you dont belong perhaps? I hope you did read the rules for this website. Its not a pick up place, nor for those who are only here to harass others. It wont be tolerated. By the way, Love is universal. Yet between two people who are in love, fell in love or whatever in that mix, what happens in their relationship is on them. I love many others on here in a sisterly way. I hope they know who they are! Thus I am curious as to who you are talking too.
Amen to that sister!!! I got lost reading those posts too. Sorry I don't meet strangers online in person anymore than I used too knowing that someone can be anybody that is creepy and what not. No offense.
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