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Well said Bi34F I know what it feels like to be the other woman. My husband after being together 15 years married for 14 cheated on me. Lied, abused and made my life hell. Has it gotten better. No! But I have put a limit now on how he is allowed to hurt me.(mentally) He hasnt stepped over that line of physical although was close at times. Yet I do have a game plan for myself. Slowly its coming along but in the end he will find out what he has done will cost him. Hence I do know. I felt it and lived thru it. So thus now I am a survivor and thus will eventually move on. That is why I give out the words that should help at least I hope it does. For that is what was intended.
Suglatisha glad it is working out. Also glad that I am not the only one who wondered who satisfaction was talking too! Hugs
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