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Originally Posted by bi34F View Post
This goes out to all the women on here talking about falling in love with men who are married and you are married too..... I am married to a wonderful man and I have been for 15 years. Last year I found that he had topless pics of another woman on his phone and had been texting her for months. She is a friend. I was floored. You guys just dont know what it feels like to be the woman on the other side. You need to stop sneaking around and be real women and let the other woman know what is going on. No matter how hard that may be. Think of how you would feel if it happened to you.
For your information, I have been on the other side before I met my husband. I had a couple ex-boyfriends or, I guess I would call it flings when I think about it, who got together with me and then somehow I found out that they used me to cheat with their girlfriends or one was a spouse. I really felt like lower than dirt when I found out and immediately broke those relationships up. But I guess those are boyfriends, not a husband if that's a different perspective. I haven't gone through the cheating issue with my husband, but when I first met him, I used to be extremely jealous along with him too.
Plus with my former crush at work, I did not make any sexual advances on him! It was just friendly gestures and my thoughts and feelings went out of control to the point that I had to tell him how I felt. I'm glad that drama is over with! I was very rational enough to control those urges and it worked. I am just mutual friends with him and nothing else.
This is a discussion forum where I felt I need to say how I felt with that topic and relate too! Fine if someone wants to judge me and say that I am narrow minded! Technically, no one knows who I am in person and life goes on. Everyone goes through these feeling one way or another whether we want to or not!
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