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I believe in gender equality type of feminism than the version of women thinking men are evil type of feminism. I grew up with a single mom with a feminist view and lived through that since. My marriage is an equal partnership where we both share responsibilities such as cleaning, cooking, etc. Growing up with my mother alone, I learned to do some heavy duty stuff like lifting heavy objects, fixing things, etc. At first I thought it was stupid, but in the long run it helps. When a strange guy sees me doing some heavy duty stuff and the type that was raised to helping women first, at first it makes me uncomfortable and I'm acting all tough, then I realized, hey that's polite and give in. In my young generation in my 20s, the guys saying that girls can't do guy things or the other way around seem to have deminised more, but I know some of that tension is still there. Sexism is still there, but not as bad as the when the first women's sufferage happened. That was my favorite topic in American history.
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