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LOL Jayni no worries...the man whoever is lucky enough to find the diamond in the rough will be blessed having you. If not then its his loss! Hugs

As for me, right now just trying to eat healthier but now I have a cold on top of the sinusitis! Ugh! But I am on antibiotics and thus being careful of what I eat. I know when the cold/sinusitis is going away cause I get my appetite back. That started yesterday! Class was fun last night. Although I almost didnt make it home car has been acting up. Hope to figure it out later on today, but its raining! Ugh! Yet a girl in the class, reminds me of the typical blonde blond. Meaning she acts like it although I am sure she is smart well intentioned and a nice person. Yet forgets the rules regarding cell phones in class. Comes late no thanks to her car breaking down (Ugh I can feel her pain on that) Unprepared for class i.e. no paper to take notes when we all were informed at last class time by the other instructor to be ready. I did give her paper though. She seems not really ready to buckle down to the class whereas the rest of us are! Oh well. I hope she improves. Yet for now not much else going on. Hugs
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