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Grandchild number 3 isnt here yet! LOL Due in October.

You can do whatever say whatever and etc but the thing is that child becomes their own person. Who makes those decisions regardless. All we can do is offer some thoughts tools and etc to empower these girls. Even when I was a girl scout leader I had the girls aka Ladies (which is what I called them for that is what they will be one day) come to meetings having issues with each other. I just told them this is for girl scouts and thus you are sisters in this. So leave the nonsense at the door.

I have girls/ women struggle with a happy life and their sexuality. I am for one not ashamed to tell my husband when I am not satisfied. Yet over the recent years I dont count anymore with him. Oh well tis his loss. Since years gone by we have been taught that certain things we just dont "Do" Well I believe that is why we are messed up. Then again it also has to deal with your own confidence. Mine shakes at times but who's doesnt? Yet tis my choice now and thus working on a better me. For being good didnt work LOL So just going to do better tis all we can do I believe.

/e gets off the soap box LOL
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